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Hex bolt and nuts

Hex bolts are manufactured in different grades in Iran.

Hexagon Bolt

Fully Threaded Hex bolt DIN933
Partially Threaded Hex Bolt DIN931
Structural Bolt DIN6914
Americal Standards ASTM A307, ASTM A490, ASTM A320, ASTM A320 L7, ASTM A325
All Kinds Of Hexagon bolt are available with plain finishing, Galvanized, Hot dip galvanized and dacromet coating

Stud Bolt

Stud Bolts are available according to American standarda ASTM A193 and come in different glasses and grades
ASTM A193 B7
ASTM A193 B8Stainless steel
ASTM A193 B16
stud bolts are the most common fastener in gas, oil and petrochemical industry and are very often used for flange connections. they are available with galvanized coating, hot dip galvanized coating and Dacromet. Stud bolts are connected using heavy nuts 2HM, 2H , 8M depending on the grade of stud bolt.

Allen Bolt Socket Cap Head Screw

Allen Bolts are relatively new bolts that are used mainly in machinery industry on the side of hex bolts. Allen bolts are produced according to DIN912 Standard and usually have classes 8.8, 12.9 and stainless steel 304, 316
Also, Allen bolts are usually manufactured partially threaded

Hex Nut

Standard Hex Nuts DIN934 to be attached to standard hex bolts DIN933, DIN931 and Allen bolts DIN912
Carbon Steel Class 5, 8, 10, 12
Stainless Steel Class 204, 316
Grade 10HV and DIN6915 For structural bolts
Grade 2H, 2HM, G8 for Stud bolts

Flat Washer

Flat Washer have various standards that determine the internal and external diameter and also thickness. the most common standard is DIN125 for hex bolts and Allen bolt and F436 for stud bolts

Spring Washer Split Washer

Spring Washers or split washers are usually produced following standard DIN127 and used along with flat washers and help locking mechanism.

bolt and nut

Fully Threaded bolts DIN933
Partially threaded bolts DIN931
Standard Nuts DIN934
Standard Washers DIN125