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Polyethylene pipe

Polyethylene pipe PE100, PE80, PE63 with sizes vary from 2 inch to 40 inch.
polyethylene pipes usually have 12 meters length and have durability of 50 years.
Iran All Export can provide you with different sizes of polyethylene pipe
PN3.2, PN4, PN5, PN6, PN8, PN10, PN12.5, PN16, PN20, PN25

Carbon steel Pipe

Carbon steel pipe, Mannesmann Pipe, and all kinds of steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe 1inch, 2inch,....

Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless steel grace 304, 316 pipe anti corrosion and anti humid in different sizes. Usually have 6m and 12 meter of length

PVC and UPVC Pipe

PVC and UPVC Pipe for construction water and sewage use usually come in 6 Meter length for size 0.5 to 12 inch and 12 meter length for size over 12 inches.
PVC and UPVC pipes are commonly used in construction also for wire passing

Polyethylene pipe PE80, PE100

Polyethylene Pipe, Hosing, and connections with different materials fo PE80, PE100, PE63 and different pressures of 3 bar to 25 bar

Galvanized Steel pipe

Hot-dip-galvanized steel pipe with zinc cover, humid resistant available in different sizes