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Steel Sheet

Low Carbon and high Carbon Steel Sheet i different dimensions sold based on Ordering Tons or number of sheets. Common dimensions include

6mX1.5mX4mm , 290kg
6mX1.5mX5mm , 360kg
6mX1.5mX6mm , 435kg
6mX1.5mX8mm , 580kg
6mX1.5mX10mm , 720kg
6mX1.5mX15mm , 1080kg

Stainless Steel Sheet

Exporting Stainless Steel Grade 304, 430, 316 as sheet or roll.

Aluminum Bar

Exporting Aluminum with 99.98 Purity as Bar and Powder. Bars are usually in 6kg and powder bags are 25 kgs.
Aluminum Powder usually has 45 to 1000 Micron Mesh.

Steel Wire

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire Low Carbon
Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire High Carbon
Usually 1-6mm
the 2.5 mm is widely used for barbed wire

Lead Bar and Lead Oxide Powder

Lead Bar usually has 2.5 AntimonySb. Lead Powder is provided as Oxide in different grades. Iran All Export Co. is ready to Provide you with Different Grades of Lead as powder or Bar.

Chain link fence

Chain link fence with galvanized wire to resist humidity. Iran All Export Co. is ready to provide you with different sizes of Chain link fence.

Barbed Wire

Exporting Barbed wire in different shapes classic and modern

Magnet Wire

Magnet Wires including Round Copper, Flat Copper and round aluminum with different heat resistance