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Sledge hammer

All Kinds of Striking tools
Copper hammer, Aluminum hammer, Lead hammer, Rubber mallet, two flat surfaces, Rubber mallet, one curved & one flat surface, Carpenters mallet, Engineers hammer with protective steel sleeve, ....

Planishing Hammer

Hammer heads are forged from carbon steel, carefully hardened and tempered.
Striking faces are ground.
With ash handle fixed with tapered collar
BL 3010 and BL 2610 models have one milled cross-hatched face.
Spare handle and tapered collar are also available.


Pipe Wrench American Pattern, Pipe Wrench Stillson Pattern

Cast body with high strength
Forged steel jaw and hook, carefully hardened
Hook and heel jaw can be purchased separately
As per ISIRI Standard No. 9221


Locking Plier With Wire Cutter, Locking Clamp With Regular Tips, Locking Bar Clamp, ...

Involute jaw curve permits user to put tremendous pressure on four points of any style nut or bolt head
High-grade alloy steels heat treated for maximum toughness and durability
Easy locking and quick release action
Powerful locking mechanism
Nickel plated
As per ISIRI Standard No. 9223


Chisel, Octagonal Shank, Chisel, Flat Oval Shank, Cross-Cut Chisel, Octagonal, Brick Cutting Chisel, Flat Oval, Electricians’ Splitting Chisel, Grooving Chisel, ....

Made of forged chrome-Vanadium steel
Working edge polished
Carefully hardened along the full length
Striking head tempered
As per ISIRI Standard No. 10356


Made of forged steel
Fully hardened
Cutting edges inductively hardened and polished

Bench Vice

Forged and made of carbon steel
Rolled two start Trapezoidal thread for precise operation and longevity
Hardened and serrated jaws for maximum durability
With large hardened anvil
With measuring scale
Accessories are also available
As per ISIRI Standard No. 9224

Hinged Pipe Vice

Forged and made of carbon steel
Replaceable and hardened steel jaws
As per ISIRI Standard No.14545


Made of carbon steel and casted
Hardened top surface
With two conical horn, one rectangular and one round
With a round and square hole

Sharpening File and rasp

Sharpening File- Taper Slim, Sharpening File- Taper, Sharpening File- Machine Band Saw File, Sharpening File- Band Saw File, Sharpening File- Knife, ...
Used for sharpening
A saw with hardened teeth can not be sharpened
They can be used for sharpening of tools, as well
Made of high quality tool steel
Carefully hardened
As per ISIRI standard NO.10355


Stairway Truck, General Purpose Trolley, Chair Trolley, Tubular Folding Truck, Gas Bottle Trolley , ....