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Tile Cutter

Manual Tile Cutters used for cutting tiles up to 70cm width or height with hand pressure. Portable

Tile and rock cutting machine

travertane tile, Granite Tile, ....
150cm to 200 cm length
adjustable angle 45, 60 , 90

Hand Operated Work StationCutter

Base measures 76×152 mm
Cuts non-ferrous metal and steel as mentioned in the table
Normal cutting
All parts made of steel
All spare parts are available
In size 350 and 450 mm with clipper cut Fig. A
In sizes 600-750-900 and 1050 with center cut Fig.B
As per ISIRI Standard No. 9225

mini hacksaw

Made of aluminium alloy
Hacksaw blade made of HSS-Bimetal
Blade’s length is 300 mm
Hacksaw blade made in Germany

Plastic Pipe Shear

Handles made of high strength Aluminum alloy
Blades made of hardened stainless steel and replaceable
Easy and effortless one-handed cutting
For cutting of PE, PP, PB, PVDF
For use in plumbing and heating installations
Wide pipe rest for right angled orbital cut

Cutter Head

Replacement Jaws Of Bolt Cutter Super