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Iran all export Co. exporter of Kitchen sink from Iran to Iranian border countries including Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Emirates, etc.
One of the most used and impressive tools in the kitchen is the sink.
Our kitchen sinks produced in Iran, are beautiful and elegant in addition to their durability and No decay.
Kitchen sinks have many different types in Iran
Sink with a large hip, double sink sinks that have two bowls are perfectly standard in industry. These sinks are very comfortable to use, cost effective and efficient. Three-basin sink two large basins and one small basin with waste disposal facility.
Our sinks in Iran are manufactured with different materials based on your order such as
Stainless steel sink in traditional and modern type, Granite sink, Ceramic sink, Sink made with natural stone etc…
Stainless Steel Kitchen sink in different size one, two and three tubs and different designs are available.

Things To Consider When Buying A Kitchen Sink

When buying a kitchen sink in Iran, consider all of these options, including the type of installation, the materials used to make the sink, the depth of the sink basin, the number of sink basins, the kitchen facilities, and the configuration. For example, you can use Drop In, Farmhouse and undermount in a variety of installations in Iran. You can also order a sink with one basin, two basins and three basins which are called single, double and triple. When choosing the material of your kitchen sink in Iran, you can consider one of these items, including stainless steel, granite, copper, stone, acrylic, cast iron, etc. To determine how deep your sink is, you need to measure the height of the cabinet under your sink. To explain all this in more detail, you can contact our experts in Iran through the communication channels that are placed on the site.