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Iran all export Co. exporter of Wash Basin from Iran to Iranian border countries including Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Emirates, etc.
You may not realize it yourself, but you see your washbasin every day. Your day begins and ends with your bathroom basin. Therefore, it is essential for you to choose your favorite basin something that is your desire.
We have a huge range of bathroom accessories such as our special washbasin in Iran. First, you should consider that which basin is right for your usage in terms of your space and the person who use it. Our basins are available in various sizes and shapes such as oval or circular or you can order each imagination of your own basin you have and we will give it to you ASAP from Iran.
It is best not to have a basin depth of less than 2cm. in addition, we have both modern and traditional basin styles in our collection in Iran.
and different types and designs of Basin and accessories with or without pedestal.