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Iran all export Co. exporter of Escalator from Iran to Iranian border countries including Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Emirates, etc.
An escalator is a moving staircase used for passenger transport up and down at a short distance. Escalators are installed and used worldwide, in Shopping malls, airports, business centers and transportation centers, hotels etc...
Escalators are in a repeating cycle that in addition to transporting passengers, they guide passengers to the main exit or the exhibition floors. Some factors in escalator design in Iran include safety considerations, project requirements, installation location etc…
Escalators are divided into three categories in Iran indoor, outdoor and semi outdoor.
Handrail, escalator step, safety switches, step rollers, step chain, returning stairs and electric motor… are escalator components.
Escalators and accessories all made in Iran with international standards
Classic, Auto weight detect, single speed, double speed, ... are available.

A Flat Escalator

A flat escalator that is commonly known as a travelator, moving walkway or moving sidewalk is a device which transport people across longer horizontal distances in Iran. But as you know an escalator is a moving mechanical device that consists of a repeating loop of steps that automatically moves people from one floor to another in Iran. Ease of use is the most specific advantage of travelator in Iran which describes how to get on and off easily. Given that it is equal to the surface of the Earth, you can easily getting on, and since it is not very fast, you can easily getting off. So there is no extra effort against walk. In addition, travelators are equipped with moving safety handrails in Iran that make it easier to use.