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Iran all export Co. exporter of Push fit and pipe connections from Iran to Iranian border countries including Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Emirates, etc.
As you know, Piping is one of the most important parts in construction in Iran. Therefore, push fit and pipe connections have significant role in construction buildings. Pipe connections, the pieces are that their application is Changing Direction, connecting two pipes to each other etc...In the pipeline route.
You can make connection very fast with push-fit fittings with lowest time consuming. In addition, we have various kinds of push-fit fittings in our collection in Iran with different materials suitable for your applications.
Plumbing fittings have different types, which directs water and gas to the desired direction. Some types such as Brain connections, Types of bushings, Pipe cap, Knee fittings in plumbing etc…
Push fit and all different kinds of pipe Connections are available.

Various Types Of Connections

Some types of connectors in Iran elbow, wyes, cross, tee, Steam Trap, coupling, Swage Nipple, Reducer, union, Bush, cap, flanges and valves and more. There are various connections for different purposes depending on the type of project you are using in Iran, usually used in plumbing and mechanical work. They have an easy installation and appropriate for all kinds of pipes