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Iran all export Co. exporter of PVC and UPVC pipe from Iran to Iranian border countries including Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Emirates, etc.
PVC polyvinyl chloride is Resistant but lightweight, it is so flexible and it has plastic properties.
UPVC UN plasticized polyvinyl chloride the same PVC that is non-plastic and hard.
The products made from pvc and upvc are cost effective, therefore we use them to produce many products in Iran.
PVC is an alternative to aluminum and copper pipes and Upvc is a replacement for wood in construction.
We use more than 50% pvc and their derivatives in construction all over the world specially Iran, because they are cheap and they linked each other easily.
At high temperatures, Upvc is converted into a raw material for the production of a new product.
PVC and UPVC Pipe for construction water and sewage use usually come in 6 Meter length for size 0.5 to 12 inch and 12 meter length for size over 12 inches.
PVC and UPVC pipes are commonly used in construction also for wire passing in Iran.

PVC and UPVC Window

PVC is not used for window frames in Iran. UPVC will not change under normal weather conditions, but can deform at very high temperatures and unlike PVC, it is used for window frames because it does not break down and is resistant to air. UPVC windows have more energy than wooden or metal windows in Iran.

PVC and UPVC other uses.

PVC is also used in clothing materials such as leather, shoes, toys, car interiors, shower curtains and other plastic products in Iran. UPVC is found in medical and dental components or as a tooth preservative.