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Iran all export Co. exporter of Rope from Iran to Iranian border countries including Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Emirates, etc.
The ropes are different in terms of their use, in terms of structure, fibers, strength, and other factors in Iran.
Ropes on ship are one of the types of ropes which they have their own different types according to their materials, such as synthetic fiber ropes,
Natural fiber ropes and galvanized wire ropes.
Generally, we have various type of ropes in our industry market in Iran such as Military industrial ropes, Rescue and firefighting ropes, climbing ropes, fishing ropes etc…
Iran All Export can provide each kind of P.P rope, Sisal Rope, Fiber Rope,.... for your projects and all your demands.

UHMWPE Tera Max12 Strand 28 mm - 96 mm
UHMWPE & Poleyster Cover Braided/32 , 12 Strand 28 mm - 96 mm
Polyester Core & Polyester Cover Braided/16 , 12 Strand 40 mm - 110 mm
Nylon polyamide core & Nylon Polyamide CoverBraided/16 , 12 Strand 40 mm - 104 mm
Nylon polyamide3,4,8,12 Strand 4 mm - 120 mm
High performance nylon monofilament 6 Strand 40 mm - 96 mm
High performance nylon multifilament 6 Strand 40 mm - 96 mm
polyethylene 3,4 Strand 4 mm - 120 mm
Polyester 3,4,8,12 Strand 4 mm - 120 mm
High tenacity megacore yarn polyester fiber mixed 8 Strand 40 mm - 115 mm
Polypropylene 3,4,8,12 Strand 4 mm - 120 mm
Polypropylene multifilament8 Strand 28 mm - 112 mm
High tenacity Polypropylene fiber 8, 12 Strand 28 mm - 120 mm
Polyester & High tenacity Polypropylene fiber mixed8, 12 Strand 40 mm - 120 mm
Vinylon 3, 4 Strand 4 mm - 52 mm
Manila 3, 4 Strand 4 mm - 42 mm
Leaded 3, 4 Strand 8 mm - 48 mm

Polypropylene Rope

SPECIFICATION Manufactured according to BS 4928. Three strand fibre film Polypropylene. Diameter Range 6mm - 38mm. PACKING Supplied in layer wound strapped coils. APPLICATIONS Lifting Slings. Safety Nets. Marine Industries. Transportation. Fishing. Sport Equipment.

Application of various types of industrial and marine ropes

Towing. Tow line. For navy. Tie-up lines. Pulling lines. Winch lines. Anchor lines. Specialty slings. Tug assist lines. Floating tow line. Barge tie-up lines. Seismic tow lines. Face & wing wires. Shock & tow line. Mooring lines. Mooring pendants. Mooring pick-up lines. Mooring and tie-up lines. Mooring & pendant lines. Deep water mooring lines. Ship mooring & anchoring. Specialty rigging lines. Wire rope replacement. Specialty ideal for shock loadly.