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Iran all export Co. exporter of Steel wire rope from Iran to Iranian border countries including Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Emirates, etc.
Steel wire rope is one of the equipment used for many reasons. They are applicable in elevators, Bridges support, Shipbuilding, Drilling companies, mines, power industry, Dam industry, Automotive Industry etc…
Towing wire is a steel rope that is usually made by twisting a series of metal wires around a wire core. Their main part is their central core.
Towing wire has four main components in Iran
The wires that form a single thread, the strands that spiral around the core, the steel core and the lubricant.
Together, these components form a structure that has flexibility, wear resistance, rust resistance, crushing resistance and more.
Steel wire ropes have a variety of coatings in Iran including galvanized, mixed metal and stainless steel.
Towing wire is a complex mechanical piece and there are various features that can affect the performance of the towing wire, so when choosing the towing wire for your intended use, choose carefully from the most reliable collection like us in Iran!
Steel Wire rope+ Steel Core IWRC
Steel Wire rope+ Fiber Core FC
Size varying from 4.8 to 80 mm
For Elevator Structure 8X19S+FC
For Hoist and tower crane Structure 19X7, 35X7 non-rotating wire rope
For excavating structure 6X19, 6X37.

Mining Industry Hoists and Elevators 6*19 W+FC 6*19 W+IWRC 6*36 WS+FC
Mining Industry Hoists and Elevators 6*19 S+FC 6*19 S+IWRC 18*19 WS+FC
Mining Industry Hoists and Elevators 6*25 Fi+FC 6*36 WS+IWRC 8*19 WS+IWRC
Ropes For Excavating Machinery 6*19 W+FC 6*19 W+IWRC 6*36 WS+FC
Ropes For Excavating Machinery 6*25 Fi+FC 6*36 WS+IWRC 18*19 WS+FC
Ropes For Excavating Machinery8*36 WS+IWRC
Marine and Fichery Ropes 6*7+FC 6*19 W+FC 6*36 WS+FC
Marine and Fichery Ropes6*7*19 W+FC 6*25 Fi+IWRC 6*25 +FC / IWRC
Marine and Fichery Ropes7*7+IWRC 6*25 Fi+FC
Marine and Fichery Ropes6*30+7 FC 6*36+IWRC
Ropes For Building 6*7+FC 6*19 W+FC 6*36 WS+FC 18*7+FC / IWRC
Ropes For Building6*19 S+FC 6*25 Fi+FC 18*19 S+IWRC 35*7 + IWRC
Ropes For Derricks 6*19 W+FC 6*36 WS+FC 6*19 S+FC
Ropes For Derricks 6*36 WS+IWRC 6*25 Fi+FC 6*31 WS+FC / IWRC
Ropes For Electric Nets 1*71+6 6*7+FC 6*25 Fi+FC
Ropes For Electric Nets 1*191+6+12 6*19 +FC 6*36 WS+FC
Ropes For Electric Nets 1*371+6+12+18 6*19 W+FC

Steel wire rope and accessories

SPECIFICATION -Manufactured in Iran according to all international standards including JIS, API, BS, DIN. -Bright or Galvanized. -Regular or Langs Lay. -Various Tensile Grades. -Cross or Equal Lay Strands. -Fibre or Steel Core. -Steel Coresindependent wire rope coreIWRC or wire strand coreWSC. -Performed or Non-performed. -Diameter Range 6mm - 70mm. PACKING Supplied in Coils or Wooden Reels in Iran. APPLICATIONS -Drilling -Lifting -Elevators -Cranes -Cargo Lashing -Mining